Will Latency Slow Bitcoins Rise?


Will Latency Slow Bitcoin Rise

Yes bitcoin has doubled in value over the past year, however as more people turn to bitcoin then more miners are required to ensure transactions are completed quickly. China has a large share in mining pools, however in the past months some pf them have been shutdown for stealing electricity to power the computers required to solve the mathmatics which builds blocks in the blockchain. the longer it takes to produce blocks the slower the transaction becomes.

There has been talk of fork to update the blockchain but there is no consences for this. Implimentation might also prove challenging due to its widespread distribution which perversly adds to it security.

Waiting in the wings is a new coin Mycryptocoin (MCC), which brings together the best of bitcoin and ether, but using Proof Of Stake(POS) to replace mining as all coins will be allocated at launch. Smart contract and application csn be run on the blockchain. Owners walletscan hold MCC and these can be brought and sold within the wallets with links to all other ccyptocurrencies, banck accounts, cards and other payments sytems such as paypal. Truely a one stop wallet complete with its own Visa card.

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