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The past few day has seen bitcoin reaching towards the $1,000 per coin level after more than doubling its value this year. People in the know have been transfering some of their saving into Cryptocurrency to ride the wave. Citizen in the like of India, Venezuela, Brazil, Nigeria have started to purchase coins to protect themselves from losing their savings as government play around with fiat currencies declaring some notes as no longer legal tender. The Philippine government is thinking about its need to license exchanges in its country where many overseas workers  use bitcoin so send money to their families, rather than expensive bank transactions. Banks are starting to get concerned and are starting to look at blockains,. the software technology  behind Cryptocurrency to protect their business.

Now the question is  if you have money in you bank, is now the time to buy bitcoin. $1,000 is a barrier which may take a month or or more to breach with bitcoin trading at $847-915. In the longer term the coin is expected to rise.  The problem is that Bitcoin is not perfect and will not become a mainstream product until it resolves its latency issues, because commerce  in this fast moving world and cannot afford to wait minutes or hours for transaction to be completed. Time is Money.

One short/ long term option is to place your savings into another coin which is running a crowd funding campaign and ICO for mycryptocoin (you can see a white paper here) This coin has not only resolved the latency issue but will revolutionise the way customers wallets work. The tokens are valued at $0.1 but on first day of trading coins will trade at $1.0. If you put your money into the crowdfunding project the gains will be enormous however due to the fact the project closes at the end of the month you need to take action  now to complete the purchase of tokens.

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