Etherium Price Rise

Ethereum’s price rose 7% over the past 24 hours, continuing an apparent up-trend, increasing to $14.50, up from around $10 at the beginning of the month.

“[Enterprise Ethereum] is a bunch of companies, large and small that are using and building on Ethereum, both in the public blockchain context and private permissioned contexts, who are organizing to build architectures that they need in their work, at the protocol level and application layer, and also ensuring that core public Ethereum is strong and well resourced and that the roadmap towards 2.0 and beyond has the best talent available to execute it. This group is very interested in seeing a strong Ethereum Foundation and leadership of the EF has been involved from the beginning.”

Etherium is setting it sights on catching up with bitcoin which is being hampered by latency issued and indecision.

David Ogden