Time is running out to complete MYCryptoWorld ICO

Time is running out to complete MYCryptoWorld ICO

MyCryptoWorld is a crowdfunding venture, behind the ICO launch, which closes on the 31st December and the billion mycryptocoins will be fully allocated in January to people holding it tokens.

The ICO has to be paid in bitcoins which may require payment by wire or international transfers which can take a number of days, on top of that you may need a wallet or wish to to use a cryptocurrency exchange to purchase bitcoins a the best price.

If you are interested in the ICO you need to take action now

Living in the UK or Europe I would open an account with Kraken.

For the USA I recommend Gemini

Both of these will take 1-3 days to verify your email, phone,ID and where you live needing for example passport,driving licence, Social security no (USA) and a recent utility bill or bank statement (kraken).

Exchanges only accept payment by wire so this again can delay you by up to 3 days before you can purchase bitcoins.

One alternative is to open up a blockchain wallet which takes a day to become verified after which you can purchase up to £200 of bitcoins a day via credit card instanltly or large amount via wire transfer requiring 3-4 working days.

The value of Bitcoin is on the rise so even if you miss the ICO deadline you will have a cryptocurrency which you can iether use or sell later at a profit.

Are you interested to join a brave new world, if so you are just in time to join an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) cloud funding project which is about to close.

MyCryptoWorld, has a lucrative offer at the moment which is going to be explained TODAY


Take the first step now by registering your interest at  http://information.cryptocoin20.com/

Then remember to come to our webinar @ 1000 and 1300Hr hrs MT on wednesday 21th December (Use http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/meeting.html enter Denver as location 1 and your own location to check your local time)

Join our live Webinars everyday days: For times and Webinar logins on go to the Markethive calendar:https://markethive.com/calendar

Direct access to our webinar room is at: https://www.TheHiveRoom

David Ogden
Owner @ My CryptoWorld

David https://markethive.com/david-ogden

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